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Back at Vache de Blues 2012

It has been 12 years that Vache de Blues is among us, acting like a compass in French Lorraine, for those seeking blues, conviviality & quality time.
Put together by the association “Vache d’Assos” it has proven healing effects for the soul!

This year was placed under the influence of “Harp” and delivering a rich list of artists such as: Las Vargas, Greg Zlap, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Heavy Petrol & the Greyhouses, King Automatic, Juke Ingala & the Jacknives, Joe filisko & Eric Noden, Youssef Remdana BLues Band, Dave Specter & the Bluebirds, MZ Dee & Maurizio Pugno Large Band, Geneviève Dartevelle & Bob Christopher, Thierry Crommen 4tet, The Walking STick Man, Anke Angel, Mis Ruby Arn, Todd Sharpville & Duke Robillard.

This was fantastic, looking forward to next year already!
In the meantime, you can have a look back at the pictures I’ve taken this year looking at both artists & Vache de Blues’s fantastic audience.Enjoy!

Vache de Blues 2012 Day 1:

Vache de Blues 2012 Day 2:

Vache de Blues 2012 Day 3:

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